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Alien Bees

Alien Bees B400

Playing around with a bit of light painting and an Alien Bees strobe. This is actually two separate images made into one. The first one is the strobe by itself with the black background. The second is a 10-second exposure with all the lights in the studio turned off, and using just a flashlight with […]

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How I Installed a Hidden Hitch on my 2006 Honda Odyssey


It was high time I installed a receiver hitch on our Odyssey. The bike rack we own is one that requires a 1-1/4 or 2-inch receiver hitch, and my truck is the only vehicle that we can use it on. Also, it would be nice to be able to pull a trailer with the Honda […]

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Double Digits

I'm 10-years old!

My youngest daughter has now graduated into the double-digits age class. Happy Birthday, Keely!

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Behind The Scene / “Only The Strong Will Survive” / Wrestling Poster

Wrestler cut out and image edited for a grunge look

A few years ago, I worked on a project for Keith Watson, aka “Watty”, head coach of the John Carroll Wrestling team (a private high school in Bel Air, MD). Watty, who is sometimes referred to the P.T. Barnum of Harford County wrestling — he is always thinking of ways to market and promote his school […]

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Fried Egg Sandwich


The fried egg sandwich is one of those foods that is fast and easy to make when you can’t figure out what to eat for lunch or dinner, or you are just looking for that comfort food. My basic fried egg sandwich, is probably a bit different than the norm, but it can be easily […]

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Toilet Seat Up or Down? No Reason to Argue

Toilet with seat and lid down

Why do men and women argue over the toilet? Not over who should use it first after coming home when more than one person has a need to use it, but the long-lived debate of whether to leave the seat up or down. Stop Arguing! You’ve come to the right place, for I am going […]

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Behind the Scene / “In The Spotlight”

Lighting Setup of basketball photography

The other day, I posted an image titled “In The Spotlight”, and it got me thinking of creating a new category under Photography called, “Behind The Scene.”  This category will show/explain how some of my photographs were set-up. This photograph was created in my basement, on pergo flooring that looks like pine. The first challenge […]

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Steps in Assembling a Sauder Computer Desk

Inside the box

Quick, what pops into your mind when you hear the term computer desk? I bet most of you think of the fake wood looking desk with doors on each end. Well, that’s what I’ve assembled, and have photos of the different steps along the way. When you visit Staples, Office Max, or any store that […]

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Remote Cameras: Like Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Horse and Rider jump a fence during a Hunter Trial Event

If you’ve ever been to an equestrian cross-country event, where horse and rider travel at a swift pace over “natural” terrain, including hills, dips, and water, and over jumps built out of fallen trees or piles of debris, you know that if you want to take photos, you can’t be at each jump. However, you […]

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Only The Strong Will Survive


A composite made from 16 individual photos.

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Steps to Assembling an Office Chair From Staples

Fully Assembled Chair

My mother-in-law purchased this Staples brand faux leather chair and asked me to put it together for her. The side of the box says it’s a Berwell Chair, model 19564. No tools (on your behalf) are needed. The parts are all bolts with a hex head, and the allen wrench needed , is supplied in […]

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No Parking

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In The Spotlight

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