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100 Push-Up Challenge / Quit Your Bellyaching

Week #2 is in the books. I am one-third through the 6-week hundred push-ups training program.

For those that also started this program as an old, overweight, out-of-shape individual, week two brings out the weakness in your abdominal muscles. Who knew push-ups would put a hurtin’ on your belly? The first two workout days of this week had my muscles just below the belly button shouting “Uncle!” It brought back those horrible memories of doing leg lifts in my younger years.

Interestingly, my arms this week felt great, and by the last day of this week, the abdomen starting getting it’s butt into gear. Although I can feel the strain, the pain is far less.

After the second week, the training program wants you to perform an exhaustion test. I rested 36 hours after the last workout of the week before taking the test. I was totally surprised that I performed 37 push-ups consecutively. That’s an increase of 21 push-ups over the 16 I mustered in my initial test.

The hope for success is still alive.

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