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100 Push-Up Challenge: Week 1 Complete

NOTE: This image here is not me, but rather how Wikipedia shows as the proper way to do a pushup. This is the standard I am using, where I go down to a 90-degree angle, and then back up.

Whew! I have just completed Week 1 / Day 3 of my training to 100 push-ups at once. After doing the Week 1 / Day 1 sets I felt there was no way I would be able to complete Day 2 or 3 of the first week. Perhaps because I had just shoveled my driveway and sidewalk of snow about 2 hours prior to starting the routine.

What I noticed during this first week was that my arms would be most sore on the day after rest. It brought back the memories of the first few days of wrestling practice at the start of the season.

Starting on Day 2, I really noticed my abdomen feeling the workout, similar to when doing leg lifts. Who knew so many muscles are worked doing pushups?

At this point of the challenge, I am feeling good, knowing I was able to execute and complete the Week 1 training. I now will take two days rest and start Week 2. I’ll post my status at the end of that week.

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