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What’s The Attraction?

Dave peers into the washing machine / June 6, 2008

I often see Linda going into the back room of the basement and then hear strange noises from these two metal boxes that are back there.  Well, she went out to the store today and I decided to investigate what is so interesting about them that causes her to use these so regularly.   I opened the […]

Yum / Grilled Trout on Wooden Planks

Three rainbow trout being cooked on wooden planks on the grill. / June 6, 2008

Having successfully grilled salmon a few times on wood planks on the Weber grill, we tried our luck with some rainbow trout yesterday evening.   After 23-minutes on the grill (covered), all I’ve got to say is “Yum!” I can’t recall when the last time I ate rainbow trout, but I know the next time will […]

Swimming Lessons

Today was my 9/80 Friday and also Keely’s last day of her two week swimming class, so I was able to attend and take a few pictures.  The class has learned to put their faces in the water, swim the forward crawl, tread water, jump off the side of the pool, and some of the […]