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The Shed Project – Day 3

Dave stands in the framed doorway after erecting all four walls onto the platform. / July 27, 2008

Scattered thunderstorms was the theme for the day, but that didn’t stop me from framing the front and back walls and then erecting them. The day started out with blue skies and sunshine. But I knew the rain was coming, so I put up my EZ-Up popup canopy over part of the platform and behind […]

The Shed Project – Day 2

Right sidewall

I awoke this morning only slightly stiff — much better than I thought I would feel. So, it was off to Home Depot again to load up with the wood needed to complete the four walls. Keely wanted to help today, so I started her out with a small hammer, some finish nails and a […]

The Shed Project – Day 1

The platform built on the first day of the shed project, sits on cement stones and gravel. / July 25, 2008

Well, today I finally started building the 8×12 storage shed that I have had the plans for since about the turn of the century. The actual plan is for an 8×10 shed, but I’m extending it two additional feet. I got up this morning and headed off to Home Depot to get all the supplies […]

Gilmore’s Raid

Saturday we visited Jerusalem Mill for a Civil War era reenactment of Gilmore’s Raid on the General Store.  Seeing so many people dressed in vintage clothing in the setting around Jerusalem Mill, made us feel like we were back in the late 1800’s. The weather was pretty sticky — mid-90’s with high humidity.  We found […]

From Blue to Red

Newly painted front door at the Hoffmann House / July 7, 2008

Our front door has been an embarrassment for years. The faded blue never seemed warm and inviting.  After getting paint samples and checking them against the gray siding and our almond trim, we selected Cinnamon Cherry at our local Home Depot. Originally we thought we would paint the door and the shutters this color, but […]

Splish Splash

George flies off the end

The neighborhood kids came by this evening for some water fun with the Slip-n-Slide.   Henry has yet to work up the courage to try it, so he decided to just watch up close and from all locations around the slip-n-slide. Not sure how he managed to elude all the other kids, but he managed to […]

Dora the Explorer

It was bound to happen, there was no preventing it. Henry has discovered a love for watching television, well, to be more specific a certain show — Dora the Explorer. Shouts of “Door, Door” fill the house as Henry hears the opening music, or sees Dora on a plate, or T-shirt. He now has his […]

Fireworks on the 4th of July

Fireworks exploding in Bel Air. / July 4, 2008

Some on and off drizzle didn’t damp the spirits of the Hoffmann crew wanting to watch fireworks on the fourth of July. Rockfield park was the location at which the fireworks would be launched, but rather than fighting the large crowds at that location, we headed off to South Hampton Middle school arriving at 8:30p, […]

Photographing Fireworks

Fireworks in Bel Air, taken from South Hampton Middle School

Taking photographs of fireworks is fun and relatively simple. Last night I brought my camera, 70-200 lens and a tripod out to see the fireworks from South Hampton Middle school in Bel Air, with my family. I setup my camera to shoot in “bulb” mode (which means the shutter stays open for as long as […]