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Light My Fire

Henry and Keely enjoy a fire roasted marshmellow

With autumn knocking on the door, and cool evenings for the past couple days, we pulled out the fire pit, and started burning much of the scrap wood left over from the shed project. Of course, with a fire you’ve got to have marshmallows. Macie and her mom Stacey walked over, so the girls — […]

An Assateague Afternoon

Henry and Keely enjoy the afternoon on Assateague Island, MD

We left this morning for our trip to the eastern shore for Larry and Kelly’s wedding, which takes place tomorrow afternoon.  We decided to take a trip to Assateague Island before checking into our hotel in Ocean City. This was Henry’s first time visiting the ocean. All on Keely’s mind was getting her suit on, […]

Hamburger Henry

Henry prefers the one-hand technique for eating his burger.

  Tonight was burger night and after Linda and I prepared our hamburgers, Henry was relentless trying to eat both of our hamburgers. He wasn’t satisfied having cut up hamburger meat on a plate when we were eating them on a bun with all the fix’ins.  So, we thought we better make him his own […]

Newest Members of the Family

  Our family is growing — growing with the addition of two new Guinea Pigs, Daisy and Blossom.   These two new critters are Keely’s pets. I sure hope these two ladies like to be grabbed and hauled around the house, for that is the modus operadi of Keely. The cage is made from grids that […]

The Shed Project – Final Installment

The sun rises on Labor Day morning prior to moving items into the shed.

It’s with great happiness that I post the final installment of my shed project.   Although I have a few minor items to finish up (caulking, stain touch-ups, and the ramp), the shed is, for the most part, complete. This morning I went out and swept out the entire shed to make sure it was as […]