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Remote Cameras: Like Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Horse and Rider jump a fence during a Hunter Trial Event

If you’ve ever been to an equestrian cross-country event, where horse and rider travel at a swift pace over “natural” terrain, including hills, dips, and water, and over jumps built out of fallen trees or piles of debris, you know that if you want to take photos, you can’t be at each jump. However, you […]

Only The Strong Will Survive


A composite made from 16 individual photos.

Steps to Assembling an Office Chair From Staples

Fully Assembled Chair

My mother-in-law purchased this Staples brand faux leather chair and asked me to put it together for her. The side of the box says it’s a Berwell Chair, model 19564. No tools (on your behalf) are needed. The parts are all bolts with a hex head, and the allen wrench needed , is supplied in […]

No Parking

White garage door with No Parking sign

In The Spotlight

Basketball Shots

Butt Heads: The Road Is Not Your Ash Tray

Cigarette butt on side of the street

Picture if you will: You are driving down the road, listening to music, minding your own business, and the driver of the vehicle in front of you rolls down their window, you see smoke come out followed by a hand dropping low, pausing for a second or two, and then discreetly drops a cigarette butt […]

Mushroom Meatloaf / My Favorite

If you make this mushroom meatloaf, you will not be disappointed.

Digging through my Grandma’s recipe box, I have discovered a recipe for the best meatloaf I’ve ever tasted. I’ve eaten meatloaf all my life, and after nearly 50 years I have discovered something I wish I knew about long ago — Mushroom Meatloaf. It’s an easy, simple dish to make, and will have the whole […]

Texas Slow Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket

Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich.  Simple to make.

We recently brought home our side of beef from the butcher — 600 pounds worth — which has filled our chest freezer to the rim. With the recent cold weather, what better time to cook a nice beef brisket for sandwiches. A brisket needs to be slow-roasted for tenderness and flavor. Let me tell you, […]

Captain, My Captain / Photographing an Oil Painting

Oil Painting of Captain John Webster

A client out-of-state needed a photograph of an oil painting of Captain John Webster, which is hanging in the Harford County courthouse, for an article he was writing. Sounds simple, right? Yes, and No. The simple part is that your subject is very good at standing very still, for as long as you need (duh, […]

Don’t Shoot Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes: Tips to Taking Better Sports Pictures

Baseball Pitcher

Go to any high school or recreational league where sports are being played, and you’ll find parents, grandparents, and friends with cameras. From my observations, I see many folks whip out their pocket camera or digital SLR and just snap away when “Little Johnny” hits the field,  most likely capturing many pictures of his back, […]

No More Guess Work / The Secret to Boiling Shrimp Consistently

Boiled Shrimp

If you’ve ever looked for a recipe for boiling shrimp, you probably have found out that “how long” you cook them once the water is boiling, is not a standard answer. I’ve seen times stated from 4 to 12 minutes. When you put your shrimp into the boiling water, do you start the clock immediately, […]

Play it Again, Cham-ios

If you are anything like me, it seems as when you need something, you can never find it, or the item is always in a location that you are not.  Well, this used to happen to me a lot with me when I wanted to clean my lens.  I either had my lens cloth in […]

Yay, No Green Peppers / Grandma’s Pasta Bolognese Sauce

Grandma's Spaghetti Sauce

As a child, having spaghetti at my grandma’s house, I remember how happy I was that her recipe did not include green peppers. Yes, I am in the anti-green pepper crowd. My mom’s recipe included those diced bits of nasty, and when I complained, was told to “just pick ’em out.” Didn’t my parents know […]

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