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Remote Cameras: Like Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Horse and Rider jump a fence during a Hunter Trial Event

If you’ve ever been to an equestrian cross-country event, where horse and rider travel at a swift pace over “natural” terrain, including hills, dips, and water, and over jumps built out of fallen trees or piles of debris, you know that if you want to take photos, you can’t be at each jump. However, you can usually find a location to capture two, maybe three jumps at a reasonable distance to produce decent images.

You can, without the need to hire additional photographers, cover more jumps all by yourself. How so? With the use of wireless remotes and extra cameras. It is like being in two (or more) places at the same time!

For this photo, I setup a second camera with a 14mm lens on a tripod about 8 feet away from the side of the jump. I used a pre-trigger with switch cord from Paramount Cords that connects the camera to a PocketWizard radio receiver.

I was roughly 1500-feet away from the remote camera, shooting at a different jump, but could see this jump and manually triggered my transmitter as horses made their way over this fence. Being 1500-feet away and not having a good angle (horse running away from me) does bring in more challenges — such as knowing exactly when the horse is about to jump. I found myself hitting the trigger button a bit early or late, so I did not always get the “perfect” shot.

A lesson-learned was to make sure to set up remote cameras in locations that give you a good angle to see the horse and jump, so as to be able to anticipate the jump at a higher percentage.

I’m sure there are other type of events remote camera’s would be useful — share your ideas below.

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