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No More Guess Work / The Secret to Boiling Shrimp Consistently

Boiled Shrimp

If you’ve ever looked for a recipe for boiling shrimp, you probably have found out that “how long” you cook them once the water is boiling, is not a standard answer. I’ve seen times stated from 4 to 12 minutes. When you put your shrimp into the boiling water, do you start the clock immediately, […]

Yum / Grilled Trout on Wooden Planks

Three rainbow trout being cooked on wooden planks on the grill. / June 6, 2008

Having successfully grilled salmon a few times on wood planks on the Weber grill, we tried our luck with some rainbow trout yesterday evening.   After 23-minutes on the grill (covered), all I’ve got to say is “Yum!” I can’t recall when the last time I ate rainbow trout, but I know the next time will […]