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Fried Egg Sandwich


The fried egg sandwich is one of those foods that is fast and easy to make when you can’t figure out what to eat for lunch or dinner, or you are just looking for that comfort food. My basic fried egg sandwich, is probably a bit different than the norm, but it can be easily […]

Texas Slow Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket

Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich.  Simple to make.

We recently brought home our side of beef from the butcher — 600 pounds worth — which has filled our chest freezer to the rim. With the recent cold weather, what better time to cook a nice beef brisket for sandwiches. A brisket needs to be slow-roasted for tenderness and flavor. Let me tell you, […]

A Chicago (Made in Maryland) Favorite: Italian Beef

Italian Beef Sub

Having grown up in the Chicagoland area, the Italian Beef is a sandwich which I often ate. Unfortunately, once I moved from the friendly confines of Chicago, finding an Italian Beef is a hard proposition. We (actually my wife) will make homemade italian beefs for us to enjoy. She has tried a few variations, but […]