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Turning the Old into New

Grandma's Recipes

Need a recipe? Jump on the computer, go to Google and search for what’s gnawing at your gut. Perhaps, you’ll just grab one of your cookbooks you purchased at your local Barnes and Noble that has shelves and shelves of books related to food and cooking. Simple. Contrary to what is commonplace today, published cookbooks […]

100 Push-Up Challenge / Quit Your Bellyaching

Week #2 is in the books. I am one-third through the 6-week hundred push-ups training program. For those that also started this program as an old, overweight, out-of-shape individual, week two brings out the weakness in your abdominal muscles. Who knew push-ups would put a hurtin’ on your belly? The first two workout days of […]

100 Push-Up Challenge: Week 1 Complete

Proper Push-Up

NOTE: This image here is not me, but rather how Wikipedia shows as the proper way to do a pushup. This is the standard I am using, where I go down to a 90-degree angle, and then back up. Whew! I have just completed Week 1 / Day 3 of my training to 100 push-ups […]

Hope For the Unlikely: 100 Push-Ups In-a-Row

Can an out of shape, overweight, 50-year old man do 100 push-ups in a row? Unlikely. I turn 50 in just over 3 months, and I am going to attempt to perform 100 push-ups on my birthday. Come along with me on my journey to success or failure. Since after Thanksgiving, I have been trying […]

Replacement Vehicle: 2012 VW Golf TDI

2012 VW Golf TDI

The insurance company totaled my 2005 Honda Element following my accident. Unfortunately, I was not in the market for a vehicle, so I had to quickly figure out what car I wanted to replace it. I decided on the 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI. The diesel will give me 45+ MPG, which is 20 MPG more […]

Whoopsie Daisy: 33-Year Streak Over


After getting my license on my 16th birthday, I figured someday I would get into an accident. That day came 33 years later. Driving home from work on a rainy day, I was headed down Tollgate Road, traveling about 35 mph, and came upon a very sharp curve. My front got loose, just as if […]

New Car for Brittany


What an exciting time for my daughter. She purchased her first new car — a 2011 Hyundai Accent. I remember that wonderful feeling when I bought my first new car, a 1982 Cheverlot Camaro. Boy, that was a long time ago, but it seems like just yesterday. This will be good, reliable transportation for her […]

Horse Riding Lesson


Linda Turns the Big 4-0


Today is a milestone for Linda, she turned 40.  She is now a member of the exclusive 40-and-over Club and I am glad to have her as a member. I was finally able to bring out the present I bought for her and had hiding inside the shed — a new bike. Happy Birthday Lin! […]

Thanksgiving 2008

Both Keely and I took pictures around the house on Thanksgiving Day.  We put them together into a slideshow.

Light My Fire

Henry and Keely enjoy a fire roasted marshmellow

With autumn knocking on the door, and cool evenings for the past couple days, we pulled out the fire pit, and started burning much of the scrap wood left over from the shed project. Of course, with a fire you’ve got to have marshmallows. Macie and her mom Stacey walked over, so the girls — […]

Hamburger Henry

Henry prefers the one-hand technique for eating his burger.

  Tonight was burger night and after Linda and I prepared our hamburgers, Henry was relentless trying to eat both of our hamburgers. He wasn’t satisfied having cut up hamburger meat on a plate when we were eating them on a bun with all the fix’ins.  So, we thought we better make him his own […]

Newest Members of the Family

  Our family is growing — growing with the addition of two new Guinea Pigs, Daisy and Blossom.   These two new critters are Keely’s pets. I sure hope these two ladies like to be grabbed and hauled around the house, for that is the modus operadi of Keely. The cage is made from grids that […]

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