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Alien Bees

Alien Bees B400

Playing around with a bit of light painting and an Alien Bees strobe. This is actually two separate images made into one. The first one is the strobe by itself with the black background. The second is a 10-second exposure with all the lights in the studio turned off, and using just a flashlight with […]

Double Digits

I'm 10-years old!

My youngest daughter has now graduated into the double-digits age class. Happy Birthday, Keely!

Behind The Scene / “Only The Strong Will Survive” / Wrestling Poster

Wrestler cut out and image edited for a grunge look

A few years ago, I worked on a project for Keith Watson, aka “Watty”, head coach of the John Carroll Wrestling team (a private high school in Bel Air, MD). Watty, who is sometimes referred to the P.T. Barnum of Harford County wrestling — he is always thinking of ways to market and promote his school […]

Behind the Scene / “In The Spotlight”

Lighting Setup of basketball photography

The other day, I posted an image titled “In The Spotlight”, and it got me thinking of creating a new category under Photography called, “Behind The Scene.”  This category will show/explain how some of my photographs were set-up. This photograph was created in my basement, on pergo flooring that looks like pine. The first challenge […]

Remote Cameras: Like Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Horse and Rider jump a fence during a Hunter Trial Event

If you’ve ever been to an equestrian cross-country event, where horse and rider travel at a swift pace over “natural” terrain, including hills, dips, and water, and over jumps built out of fallen trees or piles of debris, you know that if you want to take photos, you can’t be at each jump. However, you […]

Only The Strong Will Survive


A composite made from 16 individual photos.

No Parking

White garage door with No Parking sign

In The Spotlight

Basketball Shots

Captain, My Captain / Photographing an Oil Painting

Oil Painting of Captain John Webster

A client out-of-state needed a photograph of an oil painting of Captain John Webster, which is hanging in the Harford County courthouse, for an article he was writing. Sounds simple, right? Yes, and No. The simple part is that your subject is very good at standing very still, for as long as you need (duh, […]

Don’t Shoot Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes: Tips to Taking Better Sports Pictures

Baseball Pitcher

Go to any high school or recreational league where sports are being played, and you’ll find parents, grandparents, and friends with cameras. From my observations, I see many folks whip out their pocket camera or digital SLR and just snap away when “Little Johnny” hits the field,  most likely capturing many pictures of his back, […]

Play it Again, Cham-ios

If you are anything like me, it seems as when you need something, you can never find it, or the item is always in a location that you are not.  Well, this used to happen to me a lot with me when I wanted to clean my lens.  I either had my lens cloth in […]

Big Snow


Harford County got blasted with over 20-inches of snow.  While I shoveled, the kids kept busy inside.

Ice Ice Baby

Mother Nature brought us some snow on Tuesday and freezing rain on Wednesday. The roads in the morning were covered with a nice layer of ice — too bad I don’t have any ice skates any longer. I could have skated around the neighborhood. Schools were closed, many people stayed home, or went in late […]

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