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Double Digits

I'm 10-years old!

My youngest daughter has now graduated into the double-digits age class. Happy Birthday, Keely!

Big Snow


Harford County got blasted with over 20-inches of snow.  While I shoveled, the kids kept busy inside.

Ice Ice Baby

Mother Nature brought us some snow on Tuesday and freezing rain on Wednesday. The roads in the morning were covered with a nice layer of ice — too bad I don’t have any ice skates any longer. I could have skated around the neighborhood. Schools were closed, many people stayed home, or went in late […]

The NFL Experience


I can finally say, “Yes, I’ve shot an NFL game.” I’ve shot many high school games and some college games, but they don’t compare to the NFL experience. To those who shoot the NFL regularly, it’s probably old hat for you, but for me it was like getting to fly first class after riding in […]