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Remote Cameras: Like Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Horse and Rider jump a fence during a Hunter Trial Event

If you’ve ever been to an equestrian cross-country event, where horse and rider travel at a swift pace over “natural” terrain, including hills, dips, and water, and over jumps built out of fallen trees or piles of debris, you know that if you want to take photos, you can’t be at each jump. However, you […]

Captain, My Captain / Photographing an Oil Painting

Oil Painting of Captain John Webster

A client out-of-state needed a photograph of an oil painting of Captain John Webster, which is hanging in the Harford County courthouse, for an article he was writing. Sounds simple, right? Yes, and No. The simple part is that your subject is very good at standing very still, for as long as you need (duh, […]

Don’t Shoot Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes: Tips to Taking Better Sports Pictures

Baseball Pitcher

Go to any high school or recreational league where sports are being played, and you’ll find parents, grandparents, and friends with cameras. From my observations, I see many folks whip out their pocket camera or digital SLR and just snap away when “Little Johnny” hits the field,  most likely capturing many pictures of his back, […]

Play it Again, Cham-ios

If you are anything like me, it seems as when you need something, you can never find it, or the item is always in a location that you are not.  Well, this used to happen to me a lot with me when I wanted to clean my lens.  I either had my lens cloth in […]

Lose The Diffuser — Outdoors

Stofen Omni-Bounce

The flash diffusers such as the Stofen omni-bounce, Gary Fong Lightsphere and the like, are great little gadgets that can help create soft light in a small room, or a room with a low ceiling. The fact is, these plastic devices that you attach to the end of your flash are not softening the light […]

Photographing Fireworks

Fireworks in Bel Air, taken from South Hampton Middle School

Taking photographs of fireworks is fun and relatively simple. Last night I brought my camera, 70-200 lens and a tripod out to see the fireworks from South Hampton Middle school in Bel Air, with my family. I setup my camera to shoot in “bulb” mode (which means the shutter stays open for as long as […]